Scandinavian Company

Behind the scenes of the two ScanShops, a Norwegian-owned Luxembourg-based trade company named Scandinavian Company Luxembourg S.A. is in charge of supervision, coordination and supplies. Established in 1991, Scandinavian Company functions as an import-export company for Scandinavian and Nordic goods. To be more precise, it imports food, drinks, gifts and much more from over a hundred suppliers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden, for the Belgian and Luxembourg markets. The bulk of its sales is made through its own ScanShop branches located in Belgium and Luxembourg, but the company also supplies supermarkets, shops, hotels, restaurants and canteens in the region (Luxembourg, Belgium & Germany), as well as the speciality webshop of a major national supermarket chain. Scandinavian Company has warehouse facilities for dry, chilled, frozen and excise stock and operates a small fleet of vehicles for distribution.