The Luxembourg Store

The Luxembourg ScanShop was the first branch to open back in 1994 and has developed into a popular store, offering its Nordic customers the things they sometimes miss from home while living as expats abroad. The store is situated in Luxembourg City, not far from the airport, EU institutions and the banking community, with the largest Nordic bank, Nordea, only 200 meters away.

Besides Scandinavian groceries, alcohol, gift- & design-items, magazines and health products, the Luxembourg shop also offers its customers freshly made-to-order sandwiches and some traditional hot dishes in its Café Hygge, not forgetting the freshly baked bread and our popular catering service. With live radio streams from home playing in the background, our Nordic clients like to stop by to have a bite to eat or just a coffee, a cinnamon bun and a chat with fellow expats, all of which contributes to the vivid and sociable ambiance of the Luxembourg shop. Even when the kitchen is closed, customers can always get a real Danish hot dog and something to drink at any time of the day, so they never have to go hungry or thirsty!